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Civilization fork

Civilization fork

By: 远硕科技

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【Large Map】

Teststar is a planet with a vast land, which means that in this world, you have many places to explore.

[Four major races]

The four major races that have migrated here have their own characteristics. Forerunners who are good at using elemental powers, Alliance forces who are good at defending steadily, God of War who likes a deadly blow, and Ulus who are extremely powerful. Each race can play a different role in combat.

[Free collocation of equipment skills]

Since combat equipment is a relatively scarce resource, no one will limit what kind of equipment you should use. For this reason, you will have more combinations to choose from in the choice of equipment and skills.

[Guild City-State Competition]

Teststar is a planet without a unified order for the time being, and there is no clear affiliation for each continent. This gives each guild a good opportunity for development. You can determine the dominance of your guild in this world through territorial contention, so as to attract more like-minded people to join and gradually dominate the planet Tester.

【Shelter Building】

As an emerging world, there is no law on Test Planet yet. The existence of the shelter is to give you a little guarantee of survival in this world full of opportunities but cruel and abnormal. The shelter itself will also help you get twice the result with half the effort in battle through functions such as combat chips, mount development and upgrades.

【The source of life】

The main reason why Teststar satisfies the conditions of life is the source of life. This kind of resource has a lot of needs in terms of equipment enhancement, mount enhancement, and personal talent comprehension. Therefore, the source of life seems to be everywhere in this world, but it is rare and unusual. If you are lucky enough to find it, it must not be wasted easily.

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Civilization fork
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