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This is the ad

This is the ad

By: 娜迦娱乐工作室

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what? There is something happier in the world than the fat house happy water and sand sculpture videos...? !

The answer is... the "scum ad player" endorsed by the four essences of mankind collectively-"This is the ad"

Magical advertising DIY placement simulation business game

Here, you will experience...

① Become an advertising tycoon and set off for the great ideal of revitalizing the town

② Dialogue with the customer god and kneel down to accept the task

③ There are so many wonderful employees, it is not easy to recruit one.

④ Brain storm meeting mini game, catching fish collectively, crying

⑤ The advertisements here are full of stalks, it's really fragrant/lemon/repeater...

⑥ Place advertisements, place revenue, and easily earn 100 million!

⑦Advertising custom DIY, still in development, please look forward to it~

Action is not as good as your heart is moved. Come and make your own magical advertisement and light up this town!

This is the ad
Hossam Galal

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