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Dragon Kingdom

Dragon Kingdom


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"Dragon Kingdom"-strategic war, leisure and fun experience!

Govern the country easily, fill up the treasury when you collect vegetables! Really platoon troops, there is such a sorrow formation in battle?

Classmates, don't hesitate! Ascend to the throne, please come in here--

[Game Features]

● Free! Create your own country as you like

Free planning of buildings, quick management of supernatural powers, open farmland, build factories, manage internal affairs, trade roads, and create wonders.

King, let's be the smartest! Dragon, we want to raise the fiercest gatekeeper!

● Adventure! Across the mountains and rivers, there are treasures everywhere

A full 3D fine world, from plains to snow-capped mountains, buries treasures in diverse landforms.

Bring your biggest bag, whether it is at the corner of the spectacle or the goblin ticket office, you will have some surprises!

● Legend! Personalized Heroes & Custom Legions

The holy rider ran the train with his mouth full, the devil is a lazy house-Your Majesty, don't laugh! Good and evil heroes are all under your command, and you will be full of ruthless characters on the battlefield!

Look at those basic units again, think about which advanced route they should take, and use the army's show operation to show the enemy a legendary victory!

● Burn your brain! Don't let the liver or krypton be the best

On-hook training is easy and leisure, and the battle is exquisite and brain-burning. Really platoon troops, who said that basic arms cannot outsmart powerful enemies?

From the war academy to the PK arena, and then to the global battlefield stage, the ensuing battles will make your brain burn!

● Assemble! The strongest alliances fight side by side

Not enough resources? The alliance has! Someone bullied you? Alliance help!

Have events? Join the All League! Blessed and shared, there are difficulties... The sky falls, the leader is so powerful that he will block first!

Dragon Kingdom
Hossam Galal

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