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Code Name: MA

Code Name: MA


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Perhaps in this moment of reunion, always mentioning the past instead is a bit not spontaneous enough.

However, I believe you will slowly understand -

This is not just a new adventure, but also a collision between "past" and "future".

The prosperous sky island - "Goblin Land".

The "King's Selection", a selection test for the best humans.

The first link between humans and goblins - the "Original Goblins".

And that accepted the summons to come, will work with the main characters to overcome various difficulties, both enemies and friends of the generations of characters. Why did they come to this mysterious world that has never been mentioned before? Where is it? What is the purpose?

This time, the end awaits them is no longer just a moment of glory to become "King Arthur", but that ......

The ultimate secret of all this is waiting for you to find out!

"Lord Arthur, we are going to go Oh!"

Dozens of characters from the past generations, the first time the full collection, one by one appearance!

Let the once familiar memories lead you into that incredible new kingdom!

Code Name: MA
Hossam Galal

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