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Zhu Xian Feng Shen Chuan

اللعبة قيد التطوير. قم بالتسجيل المسبق
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The written poem of fate, the gorgeous rhetoric, the first new generation Q version of the fantasy online game "Zhu Xian Feng Shen Zhuan" meets you! Round strategy, the heroes compete-the peak competition, the champion! Happy socializing, within reach-instant chat, romantic encounters! Pet development is endless fun-ever-changing cute pets, contend for beauty! A new journey, happy start! The ultimate turn strategy battle design and easy-to-use social system, accompany players to see every scene and go through every round together.

The new generation Q version of the Xianxia mobile game is shocking

Q Meng Xian Xia turn-based mobile game

-Reincarnated many times, various shapes. —

Reincarnated many times, each reincarnated with a unique shape, freshness, ever-changing colors, and full of personality;

-Cool and cute pets, rich in gameplay. —

Rare pets, rare beasts, sacred beasts, special pets, dozens of pets, accompany you to travel around the world of the book of heaven.

There are many ways to play pets, such as washing pets, advancing, hitting books, accessories, dyeing...

The new gameplay of the round game, the pet's advanced shape changes and changes, and the more and more they become more and more cool;

—Series of wings, colorful—

No wings, no heavenly book; fantasy wings of the sky, wings of the seven sins, wings of angels, colorful and diverse.

Wings are advanced and changeable. Fashion wings, showing individuality;

—Happy making friends, convenient operation—

Team up with one click, and the team can be pulled up anytime A variety of team activities, with a fixed team.

Fight semi-automatically, free your hands to chat anytime. Convenient tasks are fully automatic, one-click hang-up only waits for PK activities to kill and kill;

Zhu Xian Feng Shen Chuan
Hossam Galal

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