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The Game of The Playful

The Game of The Playful

By: 深蓝制作组

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Game positioning: stand-alone Otome game

Game type: stand-alone text adventure game (AVG)

Whether to charge or not: The game is planned to be permanently open and free on both Windows and Android.

Story structure and length: 1v1 split line strategy, each character has an independent personal line, each personal line is about 15,000-30,000 words.

Style: sweet love, warm and healing.



The game is set in a seaside town. The heroine temporarily lives in a hilltop villa due to amnesia, and lives with several members of an organization called "Deep Blue".

The gameplay is divided into two parts: 【Plot Line Push】and 【Small Script】. The plot line is a continuous story of a 1v1 relationship between a player and a single character. The specific gameplay is that the heroine goes to different locations in the town, meets different characters, and advances the plot progress of that character by +1. The current plot line is due to the rush of production time, and the friendship plot is pushed about four times, and the love relationship is entered for the fifth time or so.

When the player and each character are in the friendship stage, the plot of all characters can be advanced. When the player enters a romantic relationship with a certain character that can be attacked, the system will limit the relationship between the player and this character. If the player wants to enter the love line with other characters, they need to re-open the new week.

On average, the plot line of each character has 1-5 endings, and the final ending is determined according to the choices made by the player.

The other [Small Script] gameplay is a daily interactive plot, including giving gifts (and getting replies) to the characters that can be attacked, and looking for characters that can be attacked to spend the night time, such as watching movies, shopping, playing chess, watching the stars , Go to the park, go to the beach, etc. These plots are random and not repeated.


Introduction to the plot lines of the current eight characters:

Moran Line

Script: 16,000 words

The hostess is a college student majoring in painting at the University of Tokyo. She met Mo Ran working in a mysterious multinational company on the streets of Tokyo at night. At the invitation of Mo Ran, the hostess travels to Europe with him...Before entering this line formally, you need to take a flashback of the heroine's lost memory of this cutscene.

Silver wire

Script: 20,000 words

The amnesiad hostess took a job as a waiter in a restaurant and settled down in the small town. One morning, when she was passing by the park, she met Yin who worked in the police station of the small town. As her memory gradually recovered, danger gradually approached her...

Lancelot Line

Script: 13,000 words

The hostess temporarily lived in the villa of the Deep Blue Company after losing her memory. One day when I went to play in an ancient house outside the town, I met Lancelot who was filming there...

Yi Yanbin Line

Script: 13,000 words

The amnesiad heroine lives in Shenlan temporarily, and she often goes out to play or walk with Yan Bin on weekdays. Yan Bin told her that they had known each other since they were in elementary school.

Sichen Line

Script: 16,000 words

When the hostess temporarily stayed in Deep Blue, she seemed to have an unusually cordial feeling towards the busy people of this company. But Mr. Si is much older than her. Will age be a problem?

Liuxiao Line

Script: 5,000 words

This light-hearted young man usually likes to go to the cinema, take pictures, and go to art exhibitions. Supper is one of the joys of life. Accompanying him to do what he likes, the hostess feels that the pace of life seems to have slowed down...

Elfa Line

Script: 10,000 words

The hostess studying in country B met Elfa with blond hair and blue eyes on the seashore of Jinshan City. After chatting for a while, I discovered that they were originally from the same school...

Robert Line

Script: 30,000 words

The female owner who worked in a convenience store in a first-tier city rescued Robert who was in danger by accident. In the process of solving the case in this city, Robert also discovered a secret that the hostess had hidden for ten years...


Official total group: 1143521137


The production engine used in the game is Visual Novel Maker, and a series of tutorial videos have been released on station b for the experience of using the engine.

The Game of The Playful
Hossam Galal

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