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The Age of Great Merchants

The Age of Great Merchants

By: 蔚蓝工作室

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"The Era of Sea Merchants" is a game that integrates navigational adventure, role-playing, fleet development, port management, maritime hegemony, exploration and collection, etc., with the background of the great nautical era. At the same time, it is designed with automatic hanging machine running Setting, no liver or krypton, allows you to experience the fun of sailing in a relaxed and free atmosphere. The game screen is fresh and lovely, and the design of ships and characters is unique.

The story takes place after Columbus explored the New World, people with adventurous spirits went to explore the unknown seas and pursue the endless wealth of the sea. Players will be an inspiration to explore the global seas, become the greatest and richest captain, explore unknown seas, engage in exciting gunboat naval battles with other sea forces, operate commercial routes in various ports to earn high profits, and cultivate and build their own Fleet, establish the maritime power of the Chamber of Commerce, conquer hostile ports and seas, and eventually become the overlord of the global seas.

Open the world and explore freely

The game map contains all the continents and sea areas in the world, with a total of more than 100 ports. Players can control ships to freely explore the seas around the world. Various interesting navigation trigger events make the exploration journey full of surprises and surprises. Take you to experience the magnificent ocean scenery, colorful tropical islands, understand the geography and customs of ports around the world, and realize your dream of traveling around the world here. There are more mysterious and unknown sea treasures, waiting for you to explore and discover.

Golden route, on-hook running business

Explore the ports discovered on the map, obtain business licenses for investment in the construction of ports, explore the development of golden routes connecting various ports, set up a fleet to trade commodities from various ports, conduct global trade and earn high profits. Can be set to automatically hang up to run the business, making money never stop day and night. Just go online every day to receive a large amount of running business income, allowing you to easily obtain resources, recruit captains, build ships, and form a powerful fleet.

Classic ships, free to transform

Dhows, Spanish square sailboats, Arabian sailboats, North Sea three-masted sailboats, Chinese sailboats... the classic sailing warships of the great nautical era are restored in the original flavor. The sails, cabins, artillery, and bow are freely transformed to build their own characteristic ships. Various types of ships focus on different, reasonable use of the characteristics of various types of ships, arrange suitable positions.

Legendary captain, invincible fleet

Fight side by side with the famous navigators in the history of world navigation, and appoint different ships according to their characteristics to form an invincible fleet. As a wise governor of the navy, he knows how to rationally arrange the formation of the fleet, give full play to the strongest capabilities of the captain and ships, and defeat powerful enemies.

Outstanding tactics, automatic combat

Use a fully automatic combat mechanism to free your hands. The game is designed with a variety of tactics and strategies. You only need to organize your fleet before the battle begins, set up reasonable tactics, and intelligent AI will control your fleet to automatically attack the enemy. The rest is to quietly appreciate your invincible fleet ravaged the enemy.

Scramble for seas, dominate the Seven Seas

Opportunities and dangers coexist in the blue sea, and the forces of each sea area dominate one side. Players can form their own chamber of commerce power to compete with other sea powers. Recruit like-minded allies, form an invincible fleet, and use your own ingenuity and strategy to defeat the forces of various sea areas, and Buwu Qihai will achieve a navigating hegemony.

Compete for the king in different fields

This is not just about sailing, players can compete for the strongest king in each gameplay. Strive to be the strongest king in various fields such as sea exploration, investment in ports, exploration of relics, formation of fleets and other fields to obtain artifacts, to open the submarine city of Atlantis, to explore the history of the rise and fall of Atlantis civilization, and to find the artifact Trident Become the king who dominates the global waters.

The Age of Great Merchants
Hossam Galal

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