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The Force Battle

The Force Battle

By: Hammer studio

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3D physical collision io, real-time multiplayer battles with dual joysticks, use the Force to control weapons to smash the enemy into the air!

The core battle gives full play to the physical characteristics and provides more freshness and operation skills for the gameplay.

The larger the weapon, the greater the advantage, but the relative difficulty of control will also increase.

Skills continue the idea of "playing physical characteristics" and are also designed to be more "big and strong".

【Dual rocker】

The left joystick controls the movement of the character;

The right joystick is a compound function of "click + joystick";

"Click" is to automatically lock the enemy attack (push the weapon forward), which is suitable for beginners to get started, make up a knife, and aim with skills;

The "joystick" is advanced control, and the weapon "swipe up" can do very high damage.


Skill release: Pick up the skill box on the ground, no need to take off the right joystick with your right hand, and the skill will be automatically released when the countdown is finished;

Rage skills: Each character has its own rage skills, which are released after being full of anger, and have a duration. The effect of the skills will change significantly after upgrading.


The accumulation speed is linked to the damage hit;

Playing "perfect" will get extra anger;

Note: "perfect" is a reminder when the weapon hits the target at high speed.


Hitting the enemy is not the point, and "swing up" the weapon to smash the enemy into the air will be extremely cool.

Play 20 of them and you will be addicted to this game.


Sufficient operation depth brings strong competition;

Personal hand-to-hand combat between the masters is very thrilling and exciting, and a fast heartbeat is a must.

【Support H5】

Invite your friends to open a hack together, do you need him to download an APP first? nonexistent! Share the URL with one click, and you can open the browser and play!

In the future, we will support small game platforms such as WeChat games and QQ Wanyiwan to make it easier for friends to quickly open hacks.

The Force Battle
Hossam Galal

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