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Beautiful Girl DreamWorks

Beautiful Girl DreamWorks

By: Stage Games

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There are five games and one animation in Beauty Girl DreamWorks, which is a milestone product that has created a gameplay. At the same time, it is also an important part of the Japanese beautiful girl culture. It is one of the must-play products for women in the era of stand-alone games.

Takami Akai is the original author of the beautiful girl series. In this work, Mr. Takami Akai personally completed most of the core characters, costumes and promotional posters. The mobile version has a certain degree of innovative transplantation of the original.

In the game, the beautiful girl will grow up to one year old every four days with natural time, and her body shape will change accordingly. After the age of 18, the beautiful girl stops growing older and enters a traditional loop game. Stopping the age does not affect the strength of the beautiful girl, but only affects the beautiful girl's image, plot, and unlocking of some features.

At present, nearly 30 outfits have been designed for 3 age groups. In order to enrich the combat development strategy and team cooperation, we also designed 6 major skill series in the direction of swordsmanship and magic. The current version also provides four different ways to hang up and manually work in the forge, restaurant, alchemy workshop, and fruit shop.

At a certain age, there will be an assessment of settlement rewards for beautiful girls, similar to the design of the ending in the original DreamWorks beautiful girl, which can affect some titles that players get, such as "genius girl", "savage princess", and "adventure Home", "God of Cooking" and so on.

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Beautiful Girl DreamWorks
Hossam Galal

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