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TH is Human Adventure

TH is Human Adventure

By: Microcity

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Hello friends, players:

"TH's Adventure on Earth" is an AVG-like adventure game with chat, puzzle solving and graphic exploration.

The mystery producer is a guy who is obsessed with the "Trails in the Sky" series and "Ys" series of Japanese F agency.

The game "TH's Human Adventure" constructs a soft science fiction + martial arts story and world view that includes international elements, and forms a novel of the size (560,000 characters*2).

The historical events, anecdotes and scientific theories are well documented.

In the game, the team allowed the individual's "almighty narcissism" to expand naturally and harmlessly along with the plot, and mentally completed the "heroic journey".

While saving oneself, I also hope to save others.

The elements in the game are extremely rich, and the gameplay is fresh and interesting, lively and tense. It can not only make a girl in the fragmented time, but also spend more time immersed in it. It is very suitable for players who like to chat, read, and collect. If you have a big imaginative brain hole, it is definitely not to be missed.

TH is Human Adventure
Hossam Galal

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