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Blade is Fury

Blade is Fury

By: 盛趣游戏

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"Blade's Fury" is a super-real combat magic ARPG mobile game. The grand epic plot provides the warriors to restore the most original magical continent to a high degree. Innovative gameplay dual-weapon switching combat mode, QTE combo skills in combat and punch-to-meat split-screen combat effects will all present the warriors with the most invigorating visual feast. The original Star Soul skill system is once again upgraded from the traditional ARPG skills. Each kind of Star Soul combination will bring a different strategy experience to the battle. Four PVE gameplays, six PVP activities, and ten distinctive world BOSS will all bring a new shocking experience to the warriors.

【Featured Content】

1. Unique combat action combined with QTE combo skills, unprecedented peak fierce combat experience!

2. Original Star Soul gameplay, which can expand hundreds of cool skills to match freely!

3. Advanced dual-weapon special effects, free switching in wartime, both entertainment and strategy!

4. Single player/multiplayer PVE, single out the characteristic demon king, and team up to explore the dungeon!

5. Live/multiplayer PVP, 1V1 wheel battle, 3V3 world-renowned competition!

6. Unique secret room guild battle, join hands with the guild guardian to fight freely!

7. Personalized fashion system, start a city-wide Victoria's Secret Show every minute!

Blade is Fury
Hossam Galal

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