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Cards and Adventure

Cards and Adventure

By: 深圳新游畅玩科技有限公司

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"Cards and Adventure" is a light roguelike card adventure game in which players need to use their own combination of decks and items to crush the enemy.

Card group match

Players can use the unlocked professional equipment to match a set of their own exclusive decks. Finding suitable decks, reasonable use of combo and combo system will bring you a lot of benefits.

*Thinking game process

In the face of a powerful monster, is it to draw cards or add damage, or to discard defensive cards in exchange for drawing space? It's up to you to choose.

* Challenging enemies

Fight against different bosses and more than 40 kinds of monsters. Many of them have unique characteristics, and you need to use reasonable and creative decks to fight them!

*Unusual fighting style

Unlike traditional card games, "Cards and Adventure" has added a new "defense phase" mechanism, which greatly increases the strategic depth of the game.

Cards and Adventure
Hossam Galal

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