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Battle of Ultimate

Battle of Ultimate

By: 游戏墓地

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"Battle of Ultimate" is an airborne training shooting theme mobile game capable of multiplayer networking and real-time battles!

The game simulates real and free airborne training, and is convenient to operate from a third-person perspective. It provides 60 players in a single game to train and fight in real time, and finally win the airborne training! Players will play the role of paratroopers in the game, find a suitable landing place, deal with enemies that may appear at any time, and complete training and confrontation with an outstanding record as the goal, and eventually become qualified paratroopers.

Game features:

"God's perspective, perfectly overcome 3D vertigo"

Dizziness and nausea after playing 3D games? There is no sense of direction when playing 3D games? Come and try looking down from the third person perspective! From the perspective of God, the overall situation of the battle is surveyed, and operations such as squatting, bending, and turning are more flexible, allowing shooting games to bring a different game and visual double smooth experience on the mobile phone.

"Real-time competition, multiplayer online matching battle"

The game supports multiplayer real-time networking, providing a 15-minute smooth competition in a single game. The start is all based on picking. 60 players compete in real-time fierce battles with other players to compete for survival opportunities, eliminate opponents to win the final victory of the battle.

"The sniper opens the mirror, trying to restore the characteristics of the gun"

The game has dozens of vivid firearms and props with distinctive characteristics, and strives to restore the characteristics of each weapon, complete and rich weapon component gameplay, bringing an unstoppable shooting experience, brick, ***, R1895, UZI, Kar98K... once I can't stop it when I find it!

"Characteristic vehicles make the battle more thrilling"

Not enough pleasure in shooting? In addition to supporting firearms and weapons, the game also has a variety of characteristic vehicles such as UAZ, 99A2 tanks, Apache gunships, etc., which will be put into the battlefield in a timely manner, and under the premise of ensuring balance, every battle will be transformed. Even more thrilling.

Battle of Ultimate
Hossam Galal

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