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Wasteland Ninja

Wasteland Ninja

By: Perk Tree Studio

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Rebecca was born in a military family. From a young age, under the influence of her family, she mastered the weapon use skills developed by various top technologies. Under the influence of her father, General Roosevelt, she joined the Defense of the Earth Organization at the age of 12 and joined the human race. In a battle against alien invasion, Rebecca used high-explosive tracking guns to blow up 300+ appearance invaders at one time, and became famous in World War I. It was called "RedBack" by the local defense organization. Back spiders, spiders are very poisonous and can kill a lot of prey in one hunt), coupled with their beautiful appearance and high cold temperament, are known as the last hope of mankind. However, on the day of Rebecca's 16-year-old adult ceremony , Unfortunately, when Rebecca wakes up again, everything is different...

Wasteland Survival Manual

1 Put on the [Instant Air Transformation Shoes] and master the skills of jumping right and left in the air and avoiding enemies!

2 Choose the most suitable combat weapon for you, and use the convenience of the convergence of civilizations from all dimensions to transform the firearms, so that your firearms and your combat skills can be improved together!

3 Collect parts after destroying the enemy. These parts occasionally contain powerful energy. Use these to make your weapons turn on artificial intelligence as soon as possible!

4 Don't panic when encountering an enemy, try to avoid the enemy and observe the enemy's weakness. After the enemy reveals its flaws, change the ammunition in advance to crush them!

5 When exploring a new civilization, pay more attention to whether there are friendly creatures that need help. Build a good relationship and they will help you fight!

6 Keep fighting at all times and improve yourself!

We believe that fun games are easy to use, and playable games are deep. Based on these concepts, we designed this model for easy operation (click left and right to shoot, while jumping in the opposite direction), and strong strategy Shooting game, we believe that this game is the one that allows you to install on the new phone first after you change to the new phone. If you like to keep getting stronger, you can hit it. All kinds of little monsters are refreshing, then join the world of wasteland ninja!

Game features:

* All kinds of weapons you have never seen before can be collected and transformed into exclusive firearms that suit you best!

* Every kind of firearm can be matched with hundreds of different ways of playing through the modification system!

* The blonde murder weapon girl, the robotic assaulter, and even the bald Johnson have gathered in the world of wasteland!

* Massive alien creatures are fighting for you in the same battlefield!

* Simple operation, click left and right to shoot and avoid monsters! ! Simple but not simple! !

* All levels trigger the main storyline, the gospel of the story party!

* There are countless other fun places waiting for you to discover!

Wasteland Ninja
Hossam Galal

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