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Merry Lord

Merry Lord

By: 涵城数码

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In 2017, it has become a huge mobile game blockbuster!

After studying hard for more than ten years, success and fame depend on the present!

"The Merry Lord" is an original mobile game for official battles. The game is vividly presented as an official first visual, marrying wives and concubines, giving birth to children, family alliances, alliances for hegemony, cultivating doormen, player PK, multiplayer Social and other exciting gameplay.

[Original plot, super sense of substitution]

Congratulations to the official titled on the gold list, and he was given the emperor's official position from the Ninth Grade, and took over! The officialdom is full of clouds and factions. When entering the officialdom, do you become a quiet and low-key Nine-Rank Sesame Officer, or do you have the power to enjoy the beauty of the world?

[Painting style of the palace, real experience of the daily life of the official]

"The Merry Lord" strives to see, listen, and play in all directions, pulling players from the real world back to the antique world of the Qing court, allowing you to experience a full-fledged ancient life.

[Get in office, play with the light and dark of the Qing court]

Jiupin Zhimaguan also has a bright future! The perfect official promotion system allows you to experience the thrill of entrusting officials to noble titles. Power is in your hands, no one can do it!

[Beauty sits in her arms, does not love Jiangshan but loves Qing]

You have money and power, how can you not be accompanied by a beautiful woman? With willow eyebrows, apricot-core eyes, small cherry mouths, thin-waisted willow pens, voices of warriors, a look at the beauty of the city and the ingenious wives and concubine cultivation system, do you still have the confidence to sit still?

[Celebrities in the past, helping you to gain power]

Say goodbye to boring monster spawning upgrades, abandon the single-mode business gameplay, and come to an intriguing officialdom battle! The fascinating story of the level and the confrontation between wise and brave players, isn't it happy!

Game features:

The official rank system, from the small sesame official to the important minister in the court, allows you to experience the ultimate pleasure of promotion.

In the door-kick system, dozens of famous people from various courts and non-governmental organizations all appeared on the stage.

Upgrade the system, multiple upgrade methods to enhance the attributes of the door.

Wife and concubine system, Yan Shou Huanfei all kinds of beauties are free to choose.

Mission system, diverse mission systems, so that your road to promotion will never be boring.

The level system, fascinating level plot, let you enjoy it.

Alliance system, multiplayer interaction to fight the world together, who will compete in the alliance team battle!

Merry Lord
Hossam Galal

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