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Limit breakthrough

Limit breakthrough

By: Maple Whispering Limited

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Break The Targets is a unique racing platform jumping skill game transplanted by steam, with simple operations and up to 160 levels. And there are online leaderboards to compete with other players.


* 140 increasingly challenging levels, each level needs to be completed within 30 seconds.

*Clean, beautiful and easy-to-use button distribution

* Use the ghost function to constantly challenge your speed

*Share game videos with friends

*Custom button layout

*Timed levels-collect all targets in the shortest time

*Speed level-how far can you run in 2 minutes?

*Energy shield level-train your reaction, turn on the shield in time to protect yourself!

*Capture levels-capture the target you want to escape

*Multiplayer mode-not yet open, under development.


The left button controls the left and right movement, click the right jump button to jump, click again to trigger the double jump.

When the character is in the air, swipe the screen up, down, left or right to attack in the air and break the shielded target.

The rope button can create a rope to help you traverse dangerous terrain.

Use a shield to avoid being hit by electric current!

You can also use lasers to destroy distant targets and illusions.

After unlocking the XP level level, you can also use a small range teleport.

These abilities add a multi-dimensional way of action to the game, and provide different ways to complete the level in the shortest time.

Limit breakthrough
Hossam Galal

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