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Supercharged's new gameplay gives you a different competitive experience, diving to the top, flying hits, and goal clearance.

More exciting operations are waiting for you to achieve. This is a green showdown between drivers. Your goal is to defeat your opponent and win. The ever-changing car races with you, and the cool tail flames can be matched at will. With a five-minute reel operation experience, you can get out and play a reel in your free time. Once you get started, you can't put it down. Find an opponent and never let go!

[Game Features]

1. The ever-changing racing car allows you to gallop, and the cool tail flames can be matched at will to create your own chariot.

2. Fingertip duel, where you can use your superb skills to show through the audience and win.

3. With a 5-minute game experience, you can play a game in any leisure time.

4. The game atmosphere of fair competition, the attributes and parameters of similar vehicles are exactly the same, speak with strength.

Hossam Galal

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