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Sword Dance

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The new era of fantasy martial arts ARPG mobile game "Sword Dancing Romance", three years of meticulous care and polishing every detail! Brand-new characteristic systems such as Wushuang Possession and Fate Inlay, providing a variety of attribute matching growth routes; more than a dozen PVP and PVE gameplays such as the sky, the battlefield of gods and demons, and the trial of the heart and demons will inspire all your fighting spirit! Free trading and circulation of high-level equipment drop, immersive real-life social interaction to help you meet confidantes and experience a new world of multiple fantasy!

[Game Features]

--The ancient wind is as beautiful as a dream--

Visit Kunlun Ruins, Tour Taoyuanjian, Explore Loulan City, top engine development and production, exquisite rendering of the ultimate beautiful scenery. Feel the magnificent architecture in the magnificent city, and the fairy mountains of clouds and mists show the magnificent fantasy wonders. All kinds of map scenes present the grand world together!

--Characteristic gameplay of fighting and killing demon--

Super rich PK mode, singled out, team battle, field battle, help battle, unlimited battlefield fighting, waiting for you to join the all-round bloody battle; various in-depth social interaction, drop free trading, casual and relaxing gameplay, more detailed design and strange Fun innovation is waiting for you to experience it yourself!

--Prosperity Love Sweet Social--

The love of previous lives is gathered together today, and the marriage is together at this time. The new customized love system will help you meet the beauty, complete a grand wedding witnessed by the whole city, customized banquets, family and friends gathering; dance together and enjoy romantic interaction; lovesickness pendants form a knot, exclusive accessories sweet addition!

--Three-dimensional training route growth--

Mysterious four turns to escape from the ordinary and enter the sacred, complete the job transfer task to obtain new skills for leaping attributes; the ten directions realm gives birth to a vision, enhance the realm to display different standby special effects; the triple destiny controls the good fortune, and the demon hunter has a magical effect You choose!

--Variety of styles, personality and charm--

A variety of fashion accessories can be combined freely. The fairy clothes and neon clothes allow you to fall into the country and the crown of the costumes to see the peerless elegance; there are more cute and fun imperial spirits, three-world warriors, special magical weapons, and light and martial arts. Brand-new modeling, rejecting one thousand people!

Sword Dance
Hossam Galal

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