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Super Dimensional Goddess

Super Dimensional Goddess

By: 万物互娱

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"Super Dimensional Goddess" is a card-based mobile game. Players will travel to another world as the child of destiny, gradually collect artifacts, get to know the goddesses of another world, and build a powerful team to realize their dreams of fighting. Players can strengthen and integrate their skills through various functional systems in the game, continuously collect equipment for enhanced upgrades, and improve combat capabilities; through free choice and card formation matching, players can exercise their strategic thinking and experience the fun of the game.

[Game Features]

1. Exquisite Japanese painting style, bringing together ancient Chinese beauties

2. Convene digital goddesses to freely match the lineup to push pictures

3. Ancient artifacts start to help, free trustees and release hands

4. Ladder through cross-server competitions, mild brain-burning and rich gameplay

【Official Q Group】

Super Dimension Goddess Group 1: 1051155705

Super Dimension Goddess Group 2: 974119436

Super Dimensional Goddess
Hossam Galal

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