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Love Journey

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Have you ever felt helpless and fell into darkness?

Have you ever dreamed of stars, as brilliant as a paradise?

Have you ever thought of owning him?

he came!

He-Gu Ziyi

You don’t know him, domineering and gentle, make a sudden encounter, smile at each other

He-Han Mu

You don’t know him, the talent out of the world, meets unexpectedly, comes here admiringly

He-Lin Yan

You don’t know him, it’s as young as I saw it, singing for you, it’s as hot as the flames

He-Ouyang Weixiao

You don’t know him, the hacker of the dark night, the guardian of the angel before dawn

At this moment, they are by your side, so close that you can almost hear the breath.

The new mobile game of Love Match, bring you a magical love journey.

[Game Features]

Combining Xiaoxiaole and plot types, you can easily play with Xiaoxiaole while experiencing a green but sweet journey. The difficulty of the game is moderate, and the level can be easily cleared even if the game is hard.

[Mystery plot]

Dreaming from a young age, but never thought of a real world. Time after time of exploration, time after time of overlapping virtual reality, shuttled among the stars, gradually uncovering layers of mystery.

【Perfect Person Setting】

The four male protagonists are by no means ordinary existence in the world. They are talented, handsome, powerful, and they think about you everywhere, and they will show you the prosperity of the world. What's even more amazing is their secret identity in another "field"!

【Popular Voice Actors】

Who is it? Maybe you will know when you hear it! They are magnetic, gentle, like a white cloud that wraps you around! Imagine a gentle voice breathing slowly in your ears, accompanied.

【Exquisite original painting】

Handsome, of course, comes first. How can your world tolerate ugliness?

【Heart Fetters】

As the game progresses, you will also get the scene of dating the male protagonist alone. Yes, he will make you feel sweet and make your heart beat faster!

Love Journey
Hossam Galal

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