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List of monsters

List of monsters

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"Monster List" is a card tower defense mobile game based on the IP of the same name from Tencent Animation. The core gameplay is to develop cards to participate in tower defense battles. Tower defense battles integrate skill operations and card strategies that can change the battle situation, and at the same time expand the GVE multiplayer team copy. In addition to tower defense battles, it also relies on card strategies to extend the card PVP gameplay; PVP battles refine the single game of auto chess and maximize the card skills and lineup BUFF strategy. With the original Guoman IP restoration and high-quality dynamic vertical painting, we hope to bring players a brand-new gaming experience-Guochao card, a new sound of tower defense!

① Genuine authorized Guoman Tower Defense

"List of Monsters" is authorized by the original manga of the same name, which perfectly restores the original classic story. The original voice actor lineup returns, the original plot is reproduced, combined with card game characteristics, a new way of interpretation, "love" before the war.

② The ultimate audiovisual cartoon scene

Unity3D engine technology, mature level design, dynamic vertical drawing, highly restored, you can also look forward to the story of hidden clues!

③ A large number of diverse roles gathered

Gather the lineup of the fetters of the past life, let the touch come back, let the strategy innovate, and experience the fetters of different characters under your choice!

④ One-click team formation for cross-screen cooperation

Powerful guild social system, user-friendly and reasonable design, one-click team formation, gather together and start a new chapter!

⑤ Rich rewards for opening the service

No longer worry about the lack of growth packages, reasonable copy rewards, to ensure the continued combat power, and unexpected surprises when exploring new systems!

List of monsters
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