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Sudoku Secret Room: Whimsical Night Story

Sudoku Secret Room: Whimsical Night Story

By: 海南奇趣

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A playable mystery-solving novel, a visual novel with a high sense of generation, and a text-based puzzle-solving game.

Players can choose various types of scripts to play in the game. In different scripts, they can experience different game stories and plots. Players will play different roles, and each role has its own unique personality characteristics.

Each story has dozens or more different endings, and you can decide the fate of the character by choosing different options. There are also some key options in the story, which can have a long-term and critical impact on the subsequent selection of the character.

Certain key choices or certain specific choices in the game will result in specific achievements and hidden game endings. Come and explore!

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Sudoku Secret Room: Whimsical Night Story
Hossam Galal

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