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All the way

All the way

By: 胖布丁游戏

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"One Road" is a very creative touch puzzle game produced by cottongame. The purpose of the game is to find a small blue ball in each level of the scene, so as to obtain the energy of the elevator ascending.

Players must carefully observe and judge to solve these different puzzles.

Every time they rise, players will face a new and wonderful world. The unique hand-painted style will make octopuses, elephants, robots, and piranhas come alive. These are just the tip of the iceberg and more secrets. , More challenges, waiting for players to explore.

Yes, this game won the Best Game Award of Indiaplay Independent Game Carnival in 2015.

Special award from the jury of the Japanese indie stream competition.

Moreover, at the end of the same year, this game has been fully produced and is waiting for release.

It's just that it's now 2019. After so many years, what happened.

The only explanation is one: our demands on ourselves have increased.

At the beginning of 2016, our "Lost Island" was successfully launched and received a lot of praise.

Next, "One Road" can also go online as a matter of course. However, we hesitated.

Faced with the expectations of players, we wanted to do better. At that time, we had many visions for this game, but because of our ability, we left many regrets.

Therefore, we keep secrets.

At the beginning of 2018, we made a bold decision to remake this game.

Reset all animations.

You can see the animation performance full of various details, even if it is a scene that is only played once for a few seconds, we still carefully design it, just to make the players feel the fun of passing by.

Rewrite all the background of the story.

Yes, now, this is a complicated story with a fantasy background.

Countless hidden levels and easter eggs.

Even without these hidden levels and easter eggs, this is a puzzle game with enough content. However, we hope to give players more unexpected surprises.

More and more, that is the feelings of our production team.

Everyone who makes this game has exhausted everything in order not to disappoint the players.

When we were children, we used to be ashamed to talk about feelings. When we grow up, we gradually understand: We can only feel the beauty of this world if we have expectations and love for this world.

Human feelings are a gift.

So, we dedicate this gift to players, hope you like it.

All the way
Hossam Galal

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