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Won the 2019 GooglePlay Game of the Year Award, the high-quality horizontal version of the action game is being reserved!


The story takes place in an overhead country-the Kingdom of Valeries. There used to be countless dragon races here, but King Waller was full of ambitions and wanton killing, and was cursed by the dragon race because of this. In this land of ruins, the prosperity of the past is no longer, and the people have become corrupted monsters, now full of darkness and corruption. In order to save the homeland and break the curse, the warrior needs to explore the dungeon, bravely break into the lair, search the temple, cut through all the thorns, find the truth, and defeat the final boss.

"Crimes of the Original World" is a 2D horizontal version of the level-breaking action game, with an excellent fighting system and rich exploration content. As a soul-flavored hard-core ACT game, I believe that its combat feel and level design can make action players enjoy it.

Game features:

-Smooth and refreshing movements to break through levels-hearty and hearty operation, even tricks are done in one go

-Soul Flavor Boss Battle-Combination of resourcefulness and perfect dodge. The game contains more than ten boss battles, full of soul.

-Explore & Collect-a map full of exploratory nature; warriors need to see everything, break through obstacles, and obtain dragon scales and clues.

-Platform jump-travel through thorns, climb ruins, and get mysterious treasures

-The Second Week Challenge-The game volume has nearly doubled; the warrior will restart the journey, challenge more ferocious enemies, more dangerous environments, and have more powerful forces

-Precise control design, while supporting the connection handle

Chapter introduction:

There are 5 chapters in "Crimes of the Original World". On average, each chapter contains ten maps and more than ten boss battles. In addition, the map is extremely exploratory. Players need to understand every corner and defeat the hunter in order to gather 100 % Collect achievements.

Game awards:

-2018 Toucharcade Game of the Year 2nd Place

-2019 Googleplay Best Game

-Pocket Gamer "Popular Choice" Award Mobile Game Nomination

[This game is a buyout system, there is no in-app purchase after paid download]

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Hossam Galal

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