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Dream Cake Shop

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The classic version of "Dream Cake Shop" is back! ——Days related to youth

The stories carved on the back of the chair, the shops where the familiar fragrance floats, and the friends who used to play games together, always leave, right?

Young worries can always be written on the face, but the hardships after growing up are hard to explain in a word.

We always think that after 18 years old is 19 years old, after 19 years old is 20 years old, 30 and 40 will never come, but time obviously does not think so.

A player left a message saying that his biggest dream is to open his own cake shop. Sweet, colorful, and can bring happiness to others. But it's too late to pursue dreams at this age, and I don't know if I can wait until "Dream Cake Shop" is back online.

"Dream Cake Shop" has 60 million people and memories of youth. In this game, we decorate the shop according to the drawings in our hearts, and we choose our favorite flavors to make cakes. Starting from an ordinary shop, through perfect cooperation with friends time and time again, continue to collect cake recipes from all over the world, and finally make your cake shop unique and unique! If you’re fine, you can go for a stroll in a friend’s shop, sometimes helping out, sometimes making pranks~

This is your youth and the dream of our developers. This time, the Dream Cake team is reorganized again, time is flowing, and the original intention remains unchanged. You say return, we will start again!

The classic simulated business mobile game of the year: "Dream Cake Shop"-a nostalgic game belonging to 8090 is back online!

If you are our old friend, hurry up and reminisce about this youth with your old friends! If you are our new friend, hurry up and start your "Dream Cake Shop" journey with your family and friends!

Even if you have blurred your youthful appearance, this game can bring you into that sunny time~

Dream Cake Shop
Hossam Galal

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