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Step on the people is big fight

Step on the people is big fight

By: 科朗网络

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Welcome to "Stomping on People", this is a game about stepping on and being trampled on. Complete an attack by jumping and falling, release the pressure in the game anytime and anywhere, collect props to assist the super god, give your opponent a powerful blow anytime and anywhere, and enjoy the infinite happiness of chaos. Strength and luck are at the same time, win the victory and reach the top by stepping all the way.

Game features:

[Others are good at playing, but we use our feet to kick]

Complete an attack by jumping and falling. Players need to keep moving and jumping to cause damage to other players. At the same time, they must also guard against attacks from others. Stepping on people and being stepped on are all between the players' games.

[There are ten minutes between classes, so I can relax in two games]

Each game is divided into 3 stages for a total of five minutes. The pace of the game is super fast. You need to have agile operations and super fast reflexes. If you have nothing to do, step on the person once and compete with the players of the whole network , Take you to release stress and feel happy time

[I use jumping as a weapon, with joy as the theme]

Here, jumping is a weapon, unique battle mode, novel gameplay, and the most special PVP experience. Such an interesting game player must call his friends to play together.

[Scene props are small gain, urchins have passive skills]

The cute cartoon character style, each character has its own unique talents and skills. Various boosters will appear randomly during the game. The flexible use of props, talents and skills can help you quickly build an advantage in the game and turn defeat into victory.

[Now there is a big fight, lucky and lucky to eat chicken]

The first mover can get a great advantage in battle. You have to hold back when you need to be besieged. Be careful to ensure your survival is the most important thing. Although the more opponents you eliminate, the better, but be careful not to be attacked. You can only win until the end.

Step on the people is big fight
Hossam Galal

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