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Thunder Fury

Thunder Fury

By: 冰鸟游戏

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The non-deleting test of "Thunder and Fury" will start at 10:00 on December 31! "Thunder and Fury" is a massively multiplayer online magical mobile game with the theme of Western magic. In the game, after the War of the Words, the Archangel disappeared. In order to resurrect the sealed demon king, the demons continued to launch wars against the human race. Although the human race continued to resist, due to the difference in power between the races, the human race was retreating steadily. For the future of the human race, the church has launched the secret art inherited by the archangel. Players, as the brave who inherits the will of the archangel, temper themselves in battle, master new skills, and be guided by the goddess to obtain the angelic inheritance, and become the archangel to fight bravely. Devil; let's go! The gears of fate have started to turn again!

Thunder Fury
Hossam Galal

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