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Spirit Sword Jue-Aesthetic Xian Xia Creation Glory Cultivation Mobile Game

Spirit Sword Jue-Aesthetic Xian Xia Creation Glory Cultivation Mobile Game

By: 爱游戏工作室

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"Spirit Sword Art", the most popular massively multiplayer immortal cultivation game in 2017.

The most bizarre fan story!

The most gorgeous 3D game picture quality!

The most gorgeous blow experience!

The most exciting and thrilling copy gameplay!

The most passionate multiplayer PK duel!

The coolest and domineering dazzling pet ride!

The most convenient fully intelligent operation mode!

Bring players a brand-new upgraded gaming experience and diverse fighting fun!

The most dazzling comprehension game of the year, full of luxurious gifts and firepower, creating the pinnacle of comprehension mobile games, large-scale alliance battles, waiting for you to fight!

[Game Features]

---Pet training---

More than 60 kinds of pets, more than 120 skills, combined with pet accessories and dyeing, bring a new image of summoned beasts. Washing a pet with the best qualifications and hitting books to perfection is the pursuit of every player and an important system for stimulating consumption in the game.

---Marriage System---

A mobile game for cultivating immortals, looking for true love, how can there be no lovers in the dreamlike world of cultivating immortals? Dream weddings, firework hydrangea, red envelope gifts, multi-person wedding banquets, couples lineup will take you into pairs and compose a fantasy of love!

---Full-screen powerful battle---

Single player competition, multiplayer PK, team activities, large-scale alliance battles, elite cross-server battles, multiple competitive modes, diverse fighting fun, and enjoy the excitement of fighting. Let you enjoy the thrill of PK of the whole people! Fighting the heavens and the earth, fighting the gods of war, seeking truth from the top of the mountain of Shu!

---Equipment System---

Equipment includes basic attributes, special effects, special effects, additional attributes, and gem inlays. More advanced equipment can be replaced every 10 levels. The equipment system has a clear pursuit, and it is also a gameplay system that must be participated in the upgrade. Take the legendary magic weapon and embark on the road of the god of war!

The reason why a classic is a classic is that it will not die with the passage of time, but will become more and more permanent with the passage of time.

"Spirit Sword Art", take you to appreciate the classics!

Spirit Sword Jue-Aesthetic Xian Xia Creation Glory Cultivation Mobile Game
Hossam Galal

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