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Magic Domination

Magic Domination

By: P工作室

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"Magic Domination" responds to the call and debuts gorgeously! Countless heroes on the magical plains are ready to go! This is a light operation battle game that is free to collect, free to match, and each hero can be customized! Use your imagination, all magical things will appear in the game!

Game features:

[Simplified operation, undiminished fun]

No matter how fierce the battle is, how cruel and scheming the enemy is, you only need to poke lightly, the magic that destroys the world and the endless stream of heroes will help you reap victory!

[Free training, full imagination]

Every ability and every attribute can make each of your heroes very different; different heroes can create your own free army. Reasonable distribution, free imagination, you are the most creative commander.

[Random map, surprises again and again]

I don't know where you will go. Is there a big treasure house or a dragon cave ahead?

[Fair play, anytime, anywhere]

I just matched an invincible lineup, and now, hum, I need someone to come out and beat it up!

Magic Domination
Hossam Galal

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