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【game introduction】

"The God of Ships" is a strategic SLG mobile game based on modern naval warfare. The game describes a mysterious maritime criminal organization robbing a government cargo ship, stealing secrets from countries around the world, and causing the world to fall into a terrorist threat. You will play the role of an admiral of the navy, ordered to prevent the mysterious organization from spreading the evil, and pursue the mysterious organization behind it. In this process, you will receive support from governments all over the world, and more outstanding military officers will join you to defend world peace together!

The game uses modern or near future as the naval background. It is the first domestic military mobile game with modern ships as the theme. It is different from the naval battle games of World War II and feels the artistic atmosphere of modern warships.

[Game Features]

[The first modern naval mobile game]

The first domestic mobile game with the theme of modern battleships; 140 million military fans are looking forward to it and feel the roar of steel and the sea;

[100 modern ships]

Model 100% restoration of modern warships;

[Original Cannonball System]

Perfect SLG gameplay system integration, enriching combat experience;

【Plot substitution guide】

Comic-style plot guide, this is not only a game but also a legend;

Ship god
Hossam Galal

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