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Monster marbles

Monster marbles

By: 超旗

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Japan's top national mobile game all year round!

"Play" with 4 faces anytime, anywhere! Get out of the room and invite your best friends to have a face-to-face party with pinballs!

A team of 4 people, find the right angle and swipe gently, the friendship skills are refreshing, and the bounce is not happy!

New users log in daily to give 10 orbs! A total of 100 orbs will be given away! Invite friends to play together and get richer rewards! Orb gets soft, and has more limited luck characters!

Official website:

Official website WeChat: Monster Pinball National Service (ID: gwdzgf)

Official Weibo: Monster Pinball official Weibo

Official QQ exchange group

(Five groups) 938681908

(Four groups) 723118218

(Three groups) 585892190 (full)

(Two groups) 563377143 (full)

(A group) 398537412 (full)

Retrieve the mailbox of game account:

Contact customer service (online customer service is now open)

The third season of Monster Pinball animation is now on Youku!

【game introduction】

"Monster Pinball" is a Japanese-style two-dimensional action card RPG that integrates the strategy of traditional turn-based games and the operability of action games.

Exquisite and cool character modeling, diverse battle scenes, excellent hand feeling and colorful and gorgeous skill special effects are fascinating! The four players are online, and the tension of step by step and the sense of accomplishment of reversing make people can't stop!

[Game Features]

・The gameplay is simple and easy to use

Drag the monster to aim at the enemy with your finger, release the finger to eject the monster, and complete the movement and attack at the same time, avoiding tedious operations. Hitting an enemy will cause damage, and hitting a friendly unit will trigger an effective friendship skill!

・Integration of strategy and skills

How to defeat a powerful boss? Is there a good place for the mortal catapult that I usually accumulate? Use the wall to hit the enemy’s weakness multiple times to inflict tons of damage? Or the accurate turret tactics will kill the BOSS to the scum?

・Personalized team

With more than 2,000 characters, five attributes, more than 50 abilities, and hundreds of friendship skills, everyone's team is unique! Evolution, deification and deification of beasts, let the character choose a reborn form to greatly enhance the combat effectiveness!

・Form a team to advance and retreat online

The four-player online book reading is more fun and rewarding. The hand slid the wall and the group was wiped out, and the boat of friendship became a big ship in the chat and laughter! The happy hour of playing in childhood was reborn inadvertently!

Award record:



· Amazon Ranking Awards 2018 first half of the first half of the Android appstore

· FAMI Tong Awards 2017 Excellence Award

· ADFEST 2018 media department→【BEST USE OF EVENTS】Gold Award






· Google Play 5th Anniversary Game TOP INSTALL RANKING Ranked 2nd

· Amazon Ranking Awards 2017 Android appstore best-selling first place

· Amazon Ranking Awards 2017 first half of the first half of the Android appstore

· FAMI Tong Awards 2016 Excellence Award



· App Ape Award 2016 Nominated for Game Division

· App Annie “Top Publisher Awards 2016”

· Niconico Live Broadcasting Conference TV Awards Bronze Award

· FAMI Tong Award 2015 Excellence Award

· 2016 56th ACC CM FESTIVAL Film Department-Category A

Monster marbles
Hossam Galal

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