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Anglo-Philippines Note Book

Anglo-Philippines Note Book

By: 快乐芒果

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In 2020, the new two-dimensional placement masterpiece, the "English-Philippines Note Book" approved by more than 90.2% of Japanese and Korean players has finally returned and is ready to go online! This is a zero-pressure placement mobile game that is further optimized on the basis of the classic placement gameplay. The original intention of this project is to create a relaxing and fun game. The game is essentially just a kind of entertainment, a regulator of work and life. I hope this game can fill the fragmented time of your work and daily life, bring the game back to the original heart, and bring you more happiness.

Game features:

[Zero pressure placement] Play as you wish, perfectly solve the historical problem of "Is the game important or me important"

[Swept Japan and South Korea] The best word-of-mouth works recognized by more than 90.2% of players are back in glory

[Offline and hang up] One-click combat, free advancement, easy development... All-round zero-pressure placement gameplay

[Six races] More than 157 princesses are waiting for you to call, come and adopt your exclusive princess!

Anglo-Philippines Note Book
Hossam Galal

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