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Slider Mystery City

Slider Mystery City

By: 掌游天下ZPLAY

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Slider Puzzle City-a new puzzle mode is here! The classic 15-frame puzzle game ushered in a new perspective and new gameplay!

Now you can solve your favorite 3D puzzle model anytime, anywhere on your phone or tablet!

Game features:

-Rich variety: 100 exquisite three-dimensional puzzle models! Exercise your mind

-AR mode: the combination of virtual and reality! Enjoy the fun of immersive slider puzzles

-Night mode: You can also enjoy the fun of solving puzzles at night! Light up the beauty of the model at night!

-Sharing with friends: share the fun of solving puzzles and get more attention!

-Understand knowledge: solve puzzle models, and obtain knowledge and explanation of each model at the same time.

You will find all the small details in the book in the hands of the Statue of Liberty, and you will see the sparkle of talent in the eyes of Einstein.

We have made every model for you with love!

What is your favorite model? Come and enjoy the fun of three-dimensional puzzles in puzzle games!

Slider Mystery City
Hossam Galal

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