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Cooking Dream Story

Cooking Dream Story

By: 欧珀互动

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Explore the world, attract partners, beat monsters, collect ingredients, and operate a light idle game of restaurants

background story:

The World Tree supported the entire continent and the sky. Decades ago, the World Tree suddenly collapsed, forming a huge hollow in the center of the continent, which is called the abyss by the world. At the same time, natural disasters occur frequently.

The prophet predicted that the seeds of the world tree are bred at the bottom of the abyss, and those who take it out of the abyss will be blessed by the gods and become the new king. For a time, it will cause countless adventurers to explore and form a village in the outer circle of the abyss. .

The abyss is divided into multiple layers, each of which forms its own world, inhabited by all kinds of strange creatures and relics whose origins cannot be identified.

Frequent exploration and intensive mining, the abyss is approaching, erosion is everywhere.

People began to mutate, their strength increased sharply, but their spirits gradually became mad. The Kingdom Research Institute discovered a pattern from the people who survived the disaster. Eating the ingredients produced in the abyss can neutralize the erosion and turn the mutation into its own strength. The major forces are eager for the dishes of the abyss.

In order to save the world, to make a fortune, and to draw strength, a new era has arrived.

Hurry up and join "Cooking Dream Story", find a partner in a different world to take an adventure together~

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Cooking Dream Story
Hossam Galal

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