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Everyone has a heroic dream in their hearts, especially after watching a big movie or a certain martial arts novel, everyone will imagine that they are the protagonist in the story who saves the world~

There are many attributes of heroes, such as bravery and fearlessness, weird personality, extraordinary talents, and popularity, etc., but all heroes have one common characteristic: justice and passion.

Now in the world of "The Void of the Realm", we are about to experience a catastrophe, and we desperately need you who are full of justice to save!

So, welcome to the world of "The Void of the World".

Here, you, with your own protagonist's halo, will act as the captain, leading the heroes to explore the mysterious and different world together, passing through all the way, saving the world and subverting the plot.

-------------------------------------------------- I am the lovely dividing line -------------------------------------------- ----

"The Ethereal World" is a vertical-screen 3D mobile game independently developed by the Ethereal Studio team. The game contains a variety of elements such as campus, plot, and passion. Players can freely combine battle methods in the game, and can nurture hero skills; multiple scene interactions, simple touch operations, and interesting adventures with friends.

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Player exchange group: 692104043

Official public account: jiezhikongling (界之空灵)

Official website address:

Hossam Galal

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