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Shu Wo Da Wu Wei

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This is a super RPG mobile game with an amateur perspective.

There are no big heroes in the game, only the fallen Big Joe, Zhang Fei who is addicted to piggybacking, and facing thousands of troops alone.


What we have to say are our characteristics:

[The entire network's original finger-killing and flirting system]→The damage is almost 0, but the enemy soldiers may fall in love with you when you reach 10 points

[The original creation of the entire network with one enemy and one hundred unparalleled system] → Hundreds of enemy soldiers surround you and beat you, and you can cheat you for rewards if you have half your life left.

[The whole network original custom color matching magic wings] → Exclusive colorful little wings burst the audience, what kind of fairy goddess fairy tales SLAY

In short... Just play, find a worldview that is better than me, and I lose!

Shu Wo Da Wu Wei
Hossam Galal

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