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Heroic Smash

Heroic Smash

By: 小梦网络

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Heroic Smash: a masterpiece of fantasy cards

Game features

[Match 3 + Cards: Perfect Fusion]

Strategy elimination, classic card

[Variable strategies, completely explored by the players themselves, endless fun]

Each hero has its own characteristics, hundreds of individual skills!

2 different kinds of rune effect strategy collocation!

With simple operations, endless game fun is presented!

[Rich game content]

Villages, battles, dungeons, collection, cultivation, PVP!

Continuous and exciting content is waiting for you to experience!

[Huge collection of illustrated books]

Fire, water, wind, light, darkness!

5 kinds of attributes, more than 1,000 kinds of rich and shocking heroes!

Collect many heroic spirits with full personality and create your own heroic spirit team!

[Passionate Guild War]

Our goal is only one! victory!

A fierce battle with up to 25 players at the same time!

Work together with the guild members to build the strongest guild together!

[National Arena]

Real-time battle with players from all over the world!

Disable and choose, 100% brain power competition!

Show your unique strategy to players all over the world!


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Heroic Smash
Hossam Galal

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