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Heroes play big cards

Heroes play big cards

By: 上海慕和网络科技有限公司

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"Heroes playing big cards" is a mobile game of match-3 masterpiece officially launched by Muhe Network in 2017. RPG elements are added on the basis of the traditional match-3. Most of the heroes in the game are taken from mythical stories. The overall art style is fresh and magical, using a 3D (character) + 2D (scene) production method.

The first version will open 2 continents in the adventure, and it is fun to take the risk of pushing the picture! The first match-3 + hero poker combination PVP, full of sense of substitution! There are a lot of side exploration events, and the sense of substitution is up! The rare bosses in the tower are waiting for you to challenge! The opening activities are rich and varied, and the rewards are so many! Guild red envelopes are available every day, and local tyrants will take you high!

Players will play the role of an adventurer and go together with many mythological heroes, resist the rule of the death lord Nabelis and his minions, and save the adventure story of Tania.

Heroes play big cards
Hossam Galal

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