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Sha Huang: The Rise of Walker

Sha Huang: The Rise of Walker

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An interstellar adventure

Sha Huang has arrived! The entire universe has become your playground, and countless planets are waiting for you to explore. "Shahuang: Rise of the Walker" is a game of adventure in the stars of the universe. Oh, did we talk about the magic guards that protect the satellite ball? Details are as follows.


How many mysteries are hidden in the stars of the universe? There is only one way to find out the truth! Walkers have a special ability: to travel between planets! At the same time, they also mastered all kinds of magic and technology, as well as civilizations scattered throughout the universe...

Every planet has an exciting adventure waiting for you to challenge. It is the fate of the travellers to open up these unknown worlds.


[3 initial classes] You can freely switch between Star Guardian, Darkmoon Sting, Magic Wizard (the other 3 classes will be released in subsequent updates), and you will not lose any of your class progress.

[Guard your planet] Deploy and combine the magic guards you capture to protect your own planet. On each sub-star, you can deploy 3 magic guards to garrison, so how to combine the skills of the magic guards is very important!

[Planet attribute] Changing the planet’s landscape is not just a change in appearance, it also needs to be matched with the skills of the magic guard.

[Global PvP] Players from all over the world gather in the same server to match rivals based on their combat power. Deploy your magic guard to defend your homeland before going offline.

[Exclusive class items] Each class has its own set of exclusive equipment and skills, which will bring players a fresh and exciting game experience.

[Chaos System] Fight side by side with your friends, or compete with each other to obtain precious star stones. The mini games provided by the Brawl System may bring you the first memories of the game.

[Book of Walker] From scratch, unlock each chapter of the background story with players from all over the world and read them while traveling in the Shahuang universe.

[Innovative social system] In addition to the basic add friends, chat and guild systems, the game has enabled a new behavioral color classification system, allowing you to find players who have the same mindset as you play!

Sha Huang: The Rise of Walker
Hossam Galal

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