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Gaia 2200

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"GAIA 2200" is playing with skills, 30 select 7 skill combinations, choose the right time in the defense to release the skills, master the effect of the skills, and ultimately maximize the damage.

"GAIA 2200" is a show operation. It is easy to get started and difficult to master. Not only do you need to choose the right skills according to the monster type and formation, you also need to move the heroes quickly to make quick defense and make up at critical moments.

The theme of feelings, focusing on the major environmental issues facing the world today, and placing the background of the game in the future world 200 years later.

In 2200 AD, due to the wanton destruction of the environment by mankind and the frequent outbreak of nuclear wars, the earth's environment has become extremely bad. The "Gaia Project", the first earth protection plan in the name of all mankind, was implemented.

By chance, you have become the executive captain of the "Gaia Project". Let's save the earth with your friends.

Tower defense has never been so refreshing-"GAIA 2200"

New gameplay of tower defense

The tower defense game integrates card elements, replaces traditional tower building upgrades with skill card matching strategies, and releases the multi-dimensional skills of skill cards to replace the boring soldiers of traditional tower defense.

Environmental theme

At first, I didn't want to use such a big theme, but in the end I was conquered by the smog and heavy pollution in Hangzhou for many consecutive days. I just wondered if we could do something for this increasingly harsh environment.

Gaia 2200
Hossam Galal

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