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Play the Three Kingdoms

Play the Three Kingdoms

By: 掌玩互娱

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"Palm Play Three Kingdoms" is an innovative elimination and multi-hero balance competitive game. There are many exquisitely designed levels, and it also supports PVP real-time battles.

1. How to fight

"Palm Play Three Kingdoms" innovatively combines elimination with the balance of the generals. Elimination itself can attack the opponent and at the same time provide the generals with anger. The generals mentioned the anger release skills. The skills can directly eliminate, generate attacks, or produce various effects. Eliminate the state of the military commander, and control the battle from a higher dimension. The combination of elimination and military commander skills gives unlimited possibilities for combat.

2. Real-time competition

"Palm Play Three Kingdoms" supports multiple real-time competition methods: fair arena, ladder, and legion friendly matches. The fair arena uses the system’s random heroes with fixed attributes, which has nothing to do with self-cultivation. It can reflect the player’s actual combat level to the greatest extent. The more the number of victories, the more profits can be obtained; the ladder uses the player’s own generals to compete, which can intuitively reflect the player In the development of the game's propensity and game achievements, the ladder will generate a ranking. The higher the ranking, the greater the profit; the legion friendly match refers to the friendly competitive exchange between players within the legion, and no profit is generated.

3. New plot

"Palm Play Three Kingdoms" uses popular, elegant and popular texts to describe or interpret the story of the Three Kingdoms from the perspective of entrepreneurship and the workplace. It not only maintains the relatively orthodox story of the Three Kingdoms, but also has a sense of life while relaxing.

Player exchange group: 596638342

Play the Three Kingdoms
Hossam Galal

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