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Set up a pancake stand (beta)

Set up a pancake stand (beta)

By: 飞鸟与鱼

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Let’s test if you have the skill of spreading pancakes! Relax and inspire the soul of your inner pancake master.

There are so many interesting pancakes waiting for you to complete, can you make the perfect pancake? Fun and easy to use, there are so many pancakes, can you be the first to complete all the pancakes?

Color and avoid obstacles to complete the perfect pancake. The final result will be beyond your expectations! Complete pancakes that surprise you.

Game features:

1. Short to set

emoji pancakes! Leisure and fun, take your time to relax and make perfect pancakes.

2. Perfect color

Super realistic food simulation game, wonderful and fun pancakes will bring you happiness

3. I'm the best seller

Countless pancakes are waiting for you to complete, and there are so many different patterns that bring endless fun!

4. Smooth feeling

Relax while playing, every pancake you have completed will bring you satisfaction.

Whether you like cooking, painting, or funny, "Set up a pancake stand" will satisfy you. This is the best, weirdest, Zen-like pancake casual game ever. Good luck for you to pass "Set Up a Pancake Stand"!

We will continue to update the game, adding more fun and interesting pancakes!

Set up a pancake stand (beta)
Hossam Galal

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