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Ruins of the God of War

Ruins of the God of War

By: 完美世界

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The glory test of Perfect World Game’s annual strategy product "Remains of the God of War" has started! The 200% open beta rebate of the top 10 events is waiting for you to get, the dark forces are surging, and the planet of Ayers is invaded. As a pledger with the blood of the gods, players will be ordered to shoulder the sacred mission of defending their homeland when they are in danger. Under adversity, the Jedi strikes back! The game will use brand-new light pursuit technology, PBR, Shader and other technologies to create host-level picture quality, bringing players an audiovisual feast. Experience random dungeons and hot-blooded team battles in a cool and refreshing sense, feel the exploration and adventure in multi-civilization disputes, as well as Roguelike, puzzle solving and other elements to bring a new battlefield experience. At the same time, players seek out the secrets of the gods, collect the armor of the gods for advanced evolution, awaken their talents and become gods, and dominate the universe!

Ruins of the God of War
Hossam Galal

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