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UpBoll (beta)

UpBoll (beta)

By: UGGame

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UpBoll is a game that continuously climbs upwards by controlling the speed of time lapse

Every death will not reset the level, will not let you start over

If you have a handicap, stop for time and think about how to exercise next

The game is inspired by "SUPERHOT"

About operation:

The operation is very simple, just press or release it:)

When you press the left mouse button, the passage of time will slow down, which means that everything running in the game will slow down.

You can use this time to avoid obstacles and plan the next direction of movement. When you release the button, the time will be restored.

The ball will also move in the direction you are pointing

About the level:

In theory, the levels are constantly combined randomly, so you can keep playing

The difficulty is gradually increasing, and the speed of the bullet will be faster and faster.

UpBoll (beta)
Hossam Galal

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