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Robot hegemony

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The only genuine license of the variety show of the same name, to build top-level robot chariots, restore the most real steel arena, and collide, split and fly your opponents!

[Exquisite picture real battlefield]

The pinnacle work of the top art team, gorgeous and real visual effects, and exquisite and diverse tank models, present you with a perfect tank battle.

[Exquisite picture real battlefield]

Nearly a hundred tanks with different styles are available for players to use. Hundreds of types of equipment are matched, and the five attributes are mutually restrained, so that each combination has a different combat experience.

[Strategy first, fair competition]

A variety of battle modes, peak duels, siege battles, and ladder competitions. Excellent cultivability, deep strategy, let your tank reload and go to the battlefield

[Classic gameplay is neither liver nor krypton]

Resources are stationed at high offline income, the tower of trial is thrilling and exciting, the challenge field is sci-fi and mysterious, and there is a complete union system that will show you the charm of the city of tanks.

Robot hegemony
Hossam Galal

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