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Apocalyptic Raid

Apocalyptic Raid

By: 谷得游戏

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"Apocalypse" is a 3V3 mech action shooting mobile game launched by Good Games. The game uses dual joystick operation from the perspective of God, with action shooting and character and gun development as the core, with nearly 100 independent scene levels and more A variety of weapons, mecha and other elements, integrating multiplayer team competition and strategic confrontation elements, allow players to experience a fun and sci-fi gunfighting experience.

[Game Background]

This is a battle for survival in the last days. On March 5, 2072, human civilization suffered from future races, and people designated this day as "Starry Sky Catastrophe Day." In order to survive and be free, the human commando will drive apocalyptic mechas and warships to expedition to space for a Jedi counterattack. The horn of the counterattack in the last days has been sounded, for the last home of mankind, load up the heroes!

[Game Features]

---God's perspective, global control, dual joysticks, cool shooting---

The third person looks down at a 45° view of God, and the high-definition picture presents the real situation of the battlefield in the end of the next era in all directions, and controls the battle situation in 360°. Break through the traditional dual joysticks and add action-adventure elements such as roll, jump, prop use and vehicle summoning, which are easy to learn and difficult to master, and test your extreme operations!

---Science fiction mecha combined action shooting flexible positioning strategy operation---

In addition to the four fixed directions of movement and shooting action control in the traditional third-person shooting, roll, jump, prop use and vehicle call are added, which are easy to learn and difficult to master. In order to become a master in the game, in addition to practising good marksmanship, the appropriate timing and positioning of the skills are also crucial.

---Double guns in one, free to develop multiple equipment, freely collocation---

The main and secondary weapons are two guns in one, free modification and switching. The distinctive assault heroes bring various weapons, science fiction mechas, interstellar battleships, turrets, aircrafts and tactical grenade to build a strong battle firepower. The ultimate battle of apocalyptic science fiction.

---Multiple independent scene levels, fierce battle at the fingertips of Resident Evil---

Nearly a hundred apocalyptic creatures such as zombies, mutants, zergs, alien invaders, etc. come together to attack, with multiple independent scenes such as desert warfare, space duel, wading raid, town street fighting, forest guerrilla warfare, etc., carefully designed battlefield layout and style Different alien bosses, satisfy all your fantasies about sci-fi gunfights!

---Multiplayer dungeon real-time combat team up to compete for the king of the battlefield---

Team dungeon multiplayer team fights the Legion Boss, reigniting the classic wasteland years, 1V1, 3V3 and other multiplayer real-time battles, fight side by side with friends and friends, and compete for the strongest king! The arena, team challenges, team defense and other multiplayer team strategy collaborations, let you enjoy the exciting experience of team cooperation and competition!

Apocalyptic Raid
Hossam Galal

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