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Dark Battlefield

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Orthodox Western magic, original dark wind! The game is built with Unity 3D engine, 4K-level 3D graphics, epic-level plot, high-definition long-distance large map, and an immersive MMORPG mobile game experience in all aspects. Grab the gods, collect the mounts, and start the road to the strongest king; fight BOSS, explode the gods, free trade, civilians can also dominate the whole server; guild wars, camp wars, free battles without locks, enjoy the pleasure of PK; human nature The design, one-click resource recovery, rise to the world average level in 1 second; a variety of gameplay and benefits are fully open, this is a dark mobile game you have never played before.

=====Game Features=====

◆Orthodox Western magical original dark wind◆

Developed by a well-known domestic team for 2 years of ingenuity, 4K-level 3D graphics, epic-level plots, high-definition long-term large maps, and an immersive MMORPG mobile game experience.

◆The strongest burden reduction can be upgraded to the world average level with one click◆

Recover super cool resources, rise to the world average level in 1 second, no longer be afraid that you will not have time to play and you will not be able to keep up with the rhythm!

◆Playing BOSS explosive equipment can be freely traded ◆

Talking about strength, looking at luck, fighting for character, the super-difficult BOSS is open for the first time, and the magic outfit can be freely traded.

◆If you are unhappy, do it in real-time PK and become famous ◆

Guild battles, camp battles, field PK, hunt down the red name, this is a world where the weak and the strong! In ten years, no one asked about mobs, and became famous in World War I!

◆Grab the gods and collect their mounts to start the road to the most burning king◆

Holding a peerless magic weapon, stepping on an ancient mount, wearing a Tier Nine God armor, who dares not accept it?

Dark Battlefield
Hossam Galal

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