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Love cute pet every day

Love cute pet every day

By: 蓝港游戏

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Hello, everyone, here is the shoveling officer team of Bluekong Interactive. Because I can’t help the cats every day in the company, I can’t help but get angry from my heart and evil to the courage. So I called a few friends to make a pet Become a mobile game-"Love Cute Pet Everyday".

A person has been working hard in the city for a long time. Even if he has a few friends, he can't hug his snoring hair every day. The idea of "keep a pet" spontaneously arises. We are lucky enough to have our own pets; but more of them are people who can't keep pets because of renting, overtime, allergies, and so on. Since you are a game, why not do something you like and others will like it?

So I rolled up my sleeves and started to do it. Of course, the result was... horrible. The game was finally started day and night, but it was embarrassing that the status was low and there was no promotion (fee). . .

"Love Cute Pet Everyday" is the first 3D pet leisure and development mobile game released by Linekong. The style of the game is advancing, the scene is casual and comfortable, and a variety of pets with different personalities are waiting for the owner to come~ Let you enjoy the good time with your pet in a relaxed and happy manner; there are more levels to test the tacit understanding between the owner and the pet, and let you Feeling warmed up with your pet during the development task, get close to each other~ Let the pet lovers communicate without barriers, suck cats and walk dogs, and communicate with pets. Come and love cute pets every day and become a cute pet master together~

I heard that all the old players on Tap are elites, and they have superb skills in group tours. After entering, they can't pull them back. So boldly log in to TapTap, and beg for suggestions from the big players, so that we can hear (no money) suggestions and criticisms, and make the game more fun! thank! bow!

Love cute pet every day
Hossam Galal

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