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Rich adventurer

Rich adventurer

By: 宝船游戏

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"Big Rich Adventurer" is a world-famous simulated business casual mobile game. In the virtual world of capital management created by Hyper Hippo, you can gradually build your own business empire from a small lemonade stand!

Do you dream of owning a company of your own? Build your own multinational company? Create a business empire that covers the world? Start by clicking the progress bar of the lemonade stand, sell the first glass of lemonade to earn the first profit, and take the first step to conquer the world! Press it uninterruptedly until you make enough money to buy more juicers to make profits faster, now you have the trick! Hire professional managers to take care of the company for you, buy high-tech to increase profit margins, seize the market and attract the attention of angel investors. All you have to do is to move forward, move forward, and move forward! "Big Rich Adventurer" is just such a game tailored for you.

【Quick Start】

Starting from a lemonade stand, you can quickly expand your business with your fingers and open your business empire.

[Easy to make money]

Tired of playing? Hire a professional manager to help you continue to make profits while you are offline.

[Get rich]

Clever use of technology and attracting the attention of angel investors can effectively increase profits.

[Go to the moon]

After you dominate the earth, you can continue to expand your business map to the moon.

[Dominate the universe]

After the earth and the moon, continue to march towards Mars, and there is no end to the pursuit of profit.

Rich adventurer
Hossam Galal

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