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Blood card

Blood card

By: 像素牛

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"Blood Card" is a card game that combines Roguelike elements. You need to keep moving forward, create a unique deck, defeat the enemies blocking you, escape or defeat the death god who is trying to take your life.

1. Unique gameplay: your life value is equal to the number of cards. For every point of damage, a card is discarded, and the game fails when the card is exhausted.

2. Three camps: Not only have to face the enemy in front of you, but eventually the boss is chasing you! Feeling bored with card composition? You can try to beat the final boss at any time!

3. Freely arrange the marching sequence: monsters, elites, shops, events, you can freely choose which ones you encounter first, and which ones you encounter later.

4. Multiple optional roles: 2 regular roles and 4 challenge roles.

5. Unlimited deck possibilities: There are no occupational restrictions on cards, unlock cards, use various magical combos, and unknown black technologies waiting for you to explore.

6. More than 200 cards, 10 bosses and more than 40 kinds of monsters constitute hundreds of random battles, more than 30 events, and more than 30 achievements.

Fun monster challenge mode.

7. Randomly generated enemies, events, rewards, bosses.

Blood card
Hossam Galal

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